PT. Indo Lysaght was established on June 7th, 1974 by the Citra Bonang Group (founded by the late Henk Wiluan), in a joint venture with Lysaght Durham Chemical, a subsidiary of BHP Group Company in Australia.


In 1984, PT. Indo Lysaght became fully owned by the Citra Bonang Group and changed its status into a domestic investment company.


In 2007, PT. Indo Lysaght changed its status as a foreign investment company in its synergy with strategic investors in diversifying its products and international market penetration.

Strategic Objective

The Citra Bonang Chemical Group has emerged as Indonesia’s largest manufacturer of Zinc Oxide, Zinc Chloride and other zinc base chemical which to cater domestic consumers and international market.


The group continuously diversifying its activities to broaden its base to meet the growing demand of domestic and international market through:

  • Expansion and diversifying the production process of the existing zinc chemical plant.
  • Production and distribution of new products such as rubber processing oil, zinc oxide granular and chemicals for rubber industries.
  • Further development of distributorship of ferrous and non ferrous metal and other chemical for rubber, plastic and paint industries.
  • Investment and strategic acquisitions.

Annual Production Capacity

Zinc Oxide                  : 25,000 tons
Zinc Oxide Granular   :   9,000 tons
Zinc Chloride              : 18,000 tons