We have expanded from a local player to one of the top global companies in our Industry.

PT Indo Lysaght was founded on June 7th, 1974, We run our core business in chemicals and manufacturing zinc-related products, ranging from zinc oxide, zinc dust, and zinc chemicals with very high-quality standards. We always offer cutting-edge breakthroughs and environmentally friendly technologies to meet the market’s ever-growing needs for high quality products and innovative solutions.


First established by the late Henk Wiluan

Founded by the late Henk Wiluan, Citra bonang group began as a distributor for General motor overseas distribution company to represent various American products, such as Pennzoil lubricants and Briggs & straton engines.


Established as a joint venture with Lysaght Durham Chemical

PT Indo Lysaght was established as a joint venture with Lysaght durham chemical, a subsidiary of BHP group australia, to manufacture zinc oxide.


Initial production of Zinc Oxide with 4 furnaces

PT Indo Lysaght started the zinc oxide production process with 4 furnaces and produced 3.000 metric tons per annum.


Fully owned by Citra Bonang Group

PT Indo Lysaght was officially and fully owned by Citra bonang group.


Production capacity started to grow

Production capacity had grown to 6.000 metric tons per annum.


Growing every year

Production capacity has grown to 12.000 metric tons per annum.


Obtaining ISO 9001 certificate

Received an ISO 9001 certificate on quality management.


Obtaining ISO 14001 certificate

Received an ISO 14001 certificate on environmental management.


Obtaining SNI certificate for Zinc Oxide products

Obtained Indonesian national standard product certificate (SNI) for ZnO Products.


The company starts to grow in terms of production

● Production capacity has grown to 22.000 metric tons per annum.
● Start getting a proper certificate (Assessment of a company's environmental management performance) from KLHK with a BLUE rating.


Began the commercial production of Zinc Dust

PT Indo Lysaght began the commercial production of zinc dust with a capacity of 5.400 mt.


Expanding every year

PT Indo Lysaght expanded from 20.000 mt to 36.000 mt annually.


Obtaining various certificates

● Obtaining SJH certificate (Halal Guarantee System) from BP POM MUI.
● Obtaining certificate FAMI QS (Feed Additive Mixture).
● Obtaining certificate ISO 22716 GMP Cosmetics (Good Manufacturing Practice).
● Obtaining certificate HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).


Obtaining REACH certificate

Obtaining REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certificate.