We have laboratory equipment to support our product quality

We use modern, cutting-edge technology and machinery, with experienced and fully skilled specialists to ensure the quality of our products is well maintained.

Lab / Quality Control
Atomic Absorption Spectometer (AAS)

Measuring the amount of Pb, Cd, Fe, Mn, Cu, Co, Ni, Na, K, Al, Zn

Malvern Mastersizer

is a laser diffraction particle size analyzer, suitable for measuring particle sizes


is a low cost, high speed, simple and reliable analyser used to determine single- and multpoint BET and Langmuir surface areas, total pore volume and micropore analysis

High Quality Materials from Reliable Sources

We source our high-quality raw materials from reliable vendors, making us the best choice in providing your every need.

Our raw material spesification Our raw material spesification Our raw material spesification
Zinc Ingot

Zinc Ingot is widely used in galvanizing which is adding thin layers of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting and ensure a longer lifespan.

Zinc Ash

Zinc ash is a by-product of production of zinc oxide. It appears as powder, can be used as a raw material for production of zinc sulfate, zinc chloride and zinc oxide production by direct method etc.

Zinc Dross

Zinc Dross is a by-product of the galvanizing process that forms as a result of inter-metallic reactions with iron in the bath which gets introduced from the steel parts being coated